Welcome MHA initiative to cancel VISA to Bangladeshi artist canvassing for TMC

Union Ministry of Home Affairs MHA should be complimented to take immediate action against Bangladeshi artist Firdous by instant cancellation of his VISA directing him to immediately return to his country Bangladesh for his canvassing for TMC in West Bengal.

If it would have been allowed without action, some separatist or fundamentalist politician would have liberty to invite even some Pakistani personality for canvassing for polls in Kashmir.

It is also time that MHA also takes cognizance of hate-speeches parallelly with Election Commission of India ECI under various existing criminal laws. Since such hate-speeches are also there when there are no polls, it otherwise also becomes duty of MHA to curb such tactics in case some state-government fails in its duty to prevent such hate-speeches.

It is indeed a tragedy for Indian democracy that some leaders against whom ECI took action, though mildly, played poisonous cards of cast and religion overlooking the fact that ECI took similar action even against UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath without any favour or bias.


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