“First edition” of “The Pop Street” Lifestyle Exhibition and Fashion Show Concluded Successfully

fation@#The highly awaited and much talked about first edition of POP STREET  Lifestyle exhibition and Fashion show concluded successfully on 16th February 2018.The event was organized at The Lalit, New Delhi. A major highlight of the event was the launch of Dormio , a mattress brand (Made in India) by it’s parent company, Thomsen (Germany).


This exhibition was also dedicated towards the support of MANTHAN SVK- Holistic Education Program of DJJS for the underprivileged children.

 Some of the well known  fashion and jewellery designers such as VIP Jewellers, Prarena Grover, Pam Mehta, Varija Bajaj, Hardika Gulati, Bani Couture ,Devanshi Renu Jewels  participated and showcased  their latest magnificent collection.  The Fashion show opened with the designs displayed by Pam Mehta followed by the rest.While the event came to a closure with the outfits exhibited by Bani Couture.


Collection note of the designers-

The Royal Regime by  Prarena Grover – The collection was inspired by the royal military. To create this collection details found on the uniforms worn by the different factions of the armed forces were used. After looking into the royal guards and soldiers  attire  various elements where picked up from the past and present to define the garments. She used  lines and shapes to map out the embellishment. This collection dispayed   uniformity and a sophistication attached to it with an edgy outcome.

Speaking about her collection Prarena Grover said,”After doing the research I found that uniforms  of most of  the  nations are made of colours like black, white, blue, and red. I also found that while these colours where widely used, certain nations use unique colours as well, which were incorporated into this collections as highlight accents. For embroideries I focussed on strong and bold designs with touch of floral accents. I used gold ,antique gold, mixed with silver and gunmetal grey to make a statement.”

The Flower Child Summer Collection 2018 by designer Varija Bajaj included a message of universal peace and love as an antidote to social or political ills. Taking inspiration from unrest in Iraq, Syria, Pakistan and terror attacks around the world. The Flower Child Summer Collection depicted a  message of “Live and Let Live”.Essentially a boho collection The Flower Child  focussed  on pastel colours, asymmetrical hem lines,  and sustainable fabrics to enhance this very chic resort wear collection by Varija Bajaj.

The Star by Bani Couture emphasized more on the cuts, fabrics and the silhouettes .It’s  more about the understated elegance of the  fabrics and cuts that add to the persona of the one wearing it.

“Times are changing and so are the trends but what remains eternal is the elegance and style with which you express yourself . Our collection comprised of oufits that accentuates who you already are”,said designer.

Designer Pam Mehta  displayed her summer collection of playful colours with asymmetric cuts .

Hardika Gulati showcased her collection that depicted the significance of east meeting the west and dawn meeting the dusk. Speaking about the collection she said,”Taking inspiration from the first light of morning to the darkest light of night, I have tried to build a connection between the two different poles in my collection.”

VIP Jewellers showcased their dual range of jewellery i.e. Traditional which included Bridal Set & Temple Jewellery with a twist and Modern which comprised everyday collection and Statement pieces. Where else Devanshi Renu Jewels presented their ethnic collection of Kundan and Meenakari mix Jewellery.

The exhibitors participating in the event included Gracieux by Charu and Richa, Home Struck, Label Kiss, Nanni Ki Matti, Nancy Khatri, Sangavi Brand, Pashmina by United Crafts-Shawl, BeCharmed Organic Soaps by Siyaa (14 year old talent) and others.

Founder of The Popstreet Exhibition, Jyanti Maingi said ,“We are extremely glad and overwhelmed with response of the visitors .This exhibition  was a huge success.We will be coming  soon with the second edition of the exhibition.”

Key elements  of the Exhibition were :-

  • Fashion Show by designers
  • 40 plus premium fashion and lifestyle brands for the shoppers
  • Fancy dress show by underprivileged kids (who are provided education by Manthan SVK)
  •  14 year old talent   exhibited her organically prepared  cosmetic brand Becharmed

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