Rajnikant’s entry in Tamilnadu politics in tune with political culture of the state


Tamilnadu politics traditionally is always linked with popular film-personalities of the southern state starting with M Karunanidhi, MG Ramchandran and then J Jayalalitah who successively dominated political scenario in the state by holding post of Chief Ministers simultaneously by becoming chief of their personality-based political party. It is also clear that their followers including even their kin could not succeed in gaining power after their deaths or incapability due to health problems. Perhaps nowhere else, supporters from amongst the masses are so emotional as in Tamilnadu when even suicides are committed on death of their political idols (former film-personalities). It is to be noted that film-personalities in other parts of the country could not get traditional followers like in Tamilnadu with even mega-star Amitabh Bachchan forced to quit politics after once winning Lok Sabha elections.

Entry of popular film-star Rajnikanth in Tamilnadu politics is likely to fill in the big vacuum in Tamilnadu politics created by death of J Jayalalitah. With all other political mentors having been accused of accumulating by virtue of their being in power, Rajnikant should set honest political system in the state, which may become an ideal for rest of the country.

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