Useless multiplicity of public-grievance-portals: Should compulsorily be for every public-authority separately


Presently there are three web-portals at central government respectively on websites of President of India (, Prime Minister of India ( and Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances ( While now web-portal entertains only grievances (suggestions not entertained now), the other two portals also entertain suggestions from public. Web-portal does not allow special characters. Otherwise submissions made on any of these portals are handled by the same agency through same procedure of electronically transferring to concerned ones.

Such multiplicity is useless with submissions registered on President website just about 50 per day while average 2000 are daily those registered on Prime Minister website. It is observed that submissions registered on any of these portals is not satisfactory handled and closed as formality. There should be uniformity in all the three portals with special characters allowed on President website, and suggestions also entertained on Response should be sent by e-mail rather than being required to search on respective web-portals. Calls for feedback from telephone-number 49308700 are useless when those having filed submissions do not get e-mails of resolution of submissions.

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