DELHI-POLICE: Fake ID Card, fake receipt and extorted amount from 02 passengers reco

11.07.2021 Fake TTE arrested. Fake ID Card, fake receipt and extorted amount from 02 passengers recovered. Incident : In view of increase in running trains at New Delhi Railway Station after lockdown,

integrated patrolling and checking at platforms have been intensified . Today i.e. on 11.07.21 at about 8.30 PM, during the checking, railway officials stopped two persons both residents of Jaunpur, UP for checking their tickets. They stated that they were travelling without ticket in Mahamana Express and were given a receipt after being fined RS.600/-. They were also told that if they didn’t pay, then they will be put in jail. Examination of the receipt showed it to be fake.Hence, immediately the patrolling staff HC Jaivir and RPF staff Ct Sajal Bhowmik and Ct BK Gond launched the search of the alleged fake TTE. Finally, after some time they apprehended the fake TTE whose name and address was later on known as Shushil Kumar s/o Mithan Lal, r/o Pahar ganj, Chunamandi, New Delhi, Age- 44 yrs. During interrogation, the alleged fake TTE disclosed regarding his crime. Extorted amount Rs. 600/ and one fake ID card were recovered. Case FIR and Arrest: A case vide FIR No. 34 u/s 419/420/384 IPC and 137 IR act was registered. During investigation, the alleged accused person disclosed that he had no work and he started to cheat / extort money from illiterate/labourers disguising himself as TTE. (HARENDRA K. SINGH) IPS DY. COMMISSIONER OF POLICE RAILWAYS: DELHI



दिल्ली से मुकेश गुप्ता की रिपोर्ट !

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