No achchhe din: India further slips down in World Happiness Index lower than even Congo with 133rd ranking out of 156


It refers to saddening confirmation about Indians being quite unhappy in World Happiness Report 2018 where India-ranking has further slipped down by 11 points to place it at poor 133rd in out of total 156 ranked countries, where even Congo, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar fare better than India. India is placed so down amongst some poor-most African nations which are notorious for all sorts of crimes. It is noteworthy that sibling nations Pakistan and Bangladesh are place at much-much better 75th and 115th ranking respectively. Recently held three important by-elections for Lok Sabha from UP and Bihar also establish annoyance of people towards poor governance contrary to promise of some achchhe din (good days). Media-channels round-the-clock singing welcome-tunes in favour of government just for flattering cannot in any way bring charm to faces of voters for which present government was voted.

A study of the complete list shows that top-ranking countries in World Happiness Index like Finland, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland etc are also amongst top-ranking countries in Honesty-Index thereby establishing that honesty-index of countries has direct linking with happiness-index of their citizens. Governments spend too much on study-reports and even luxurious study-trips including controversial ones by legislatures in centre and states. Central government should take the two reports World Happiness Index and Honesty Index with complete seriousness and entrust task to NITI Aayog for drastic annual improvement in these two rankings with continuous monitoring on grave situation to make effective use of such costly indstutions.

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