Calling Nathuram Godse as Hindu-terrorist

Calling Nathuram Godse as Hindu-terrorist

It refers to Kamal Hassan calling Nathuram Godse as first Hindu terrorist. Such persons have neither read history nor the note written by Nathuram Godse on his killing MK Gandhi. Undoubtedly it cannot be justified to kill a person, even though it was pseudo-secularist policy and undemocratic decision of the uncrowned king-maker which provoked Nathuram Godse to take such bold but undesired step that too with full knowledge that he himself would be hanged.

Everybody knows the person who deprived nation from a really capable Sardar Patel from becoming first Prime Minister of India. Big problems like that of Kashmir hanging and troubling India till now since independence would not have been there if Indian citizens would have been fortunate enough to be led by democratically elected but unfortunately vetoed out Sardar Patel as first Prime Minister of India.

By logic of Kamal Hassan, even freedom-fighters Rajguru, Bhagatsingh, Sukhdev, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Ashfaqualla Khan and many others having martyred themselves voluntarily by making fatal attacks on cruel British rulers for their inhuman deeds and torture on citizens of slave India would also be termed terrorists. Hindu-terrorist is the term innovated by pseudo-secularist lobby running their vote-bank politics on minority-appeasing. Hinduism is not only a religion but a fine culture and way of living which is full of tolerance allowing pseudo-secularists to be a part of Indian political system.

It is time that all martyrs having laid down their lives for attacking cruel British rulers may be given due respect by figuring them on currency-notes which are presently being monopolized by a single person.


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