Dug-up historical Chandni Chowk bazar in Delhi require completion on war-footing

1.5 kilometre stretch of historical Chandni Chowk bazar of capital city Delhi is lying dug-up completely for last so many months with renovation-work at cost of rupees 65 crores now been undertaken by Shahajahanbad Redevelopment Board after long 10-years delay.

Work initially started at high pace when the project was inaugurated. But pace of work has become very slow causing big problems to residents and traders in Chandni Chowk and surrounding areas. It will be very dangerous in case of any fire-incident in Chandni Chowk or surrounding areas, because fire-tenders and ambulance cannot each the accident-site. Problems for residents can be created in medical-emergencies because of ambulance not possible to reach in the at the area.

All concerned authorities should take up the project on war-footing by multiplying labour and equipment involved in the project without waiting for the deadline for completion of project.


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