Sealing-drive necessary for DMS booths selling non-DMS products: DMS should be sold to Mother Dairy, Amul or Sudha


At a time when traders in Delhi and their employees are facing lots of hardships by being unemployed because of large-scale sealing-drive, corrupt officials of central government owned Delhi Milk Scheme (DMS) are minting money by having rented privately rented out outdated DMS-booths on prime public land like on footpaths, parks etc for selling non-DMS products. Supreme Court appointed monitoring-committee should look into the massive corruption and irregularities in DMS-booths selling non-DMS products, and seal these on priority also to expose massive corruption in DMS.

It is to be noted that Mother-Dairy booths in Delhi-NCR sell only Mother-Dairy products, a big reason for success of Mother-Dairy. Mere existence of DMS after launch of Mother Dairy for Delhi-NCR is in itself wastage of public-resources also through double-spent on overheads.

 An RTI-response revealed that DMS booth-holders continued to operate despite huge DMS outstanding against them. Monthly booth-sale of DMS revealed booth-holders providing a combined sale of just rupees 82 lakhs per month against a huge outstanding of more than rupees 23 crores against them with no signs of recovery or steps taken to abandon such booths with non-recoverable outstanding. RTI-response also revealed that requests of renowned co-operative giants like Amul and Sudha are pending with Union Ministry of Agriculture (Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairying & Fisheries) for loss-generating DMS being handed over to them for effective utilisation of its infrastructure and to avoid heavy recurring loss to public-exchequer. DMS should be either merged with Mother-Dairy or else it should be handed over to Amul or Sudha.

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