Sacking Haseeb Drabu from Kashmir-ministry not proper


Unmatched marriage of BJP with PDP in Jammu and Kashmir in forming government got yet other blow when the important bridge between the two parties namely state Finance Minister Haseeb Drabu was sacked from state-cabinet by PDP supremo and state Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti for a realistic statement of the minister for Kashmir being a social problem rather than a political one, a stand contrary to party-stand taking the issue as merely political.

Such sacking is also contrary to constitution-provided right of free expression. Unfortunately state Chief Minister does not take any action against separatists and anti-national elements openly expressing their poisonous views in name of freedom of expressions.

BJP is playing a tough balancing task in the state by being a partner in the state Government. A strategy can be tougher and toughest against anti-national and separatist elements at national level like impounding their passports, immediate arrest if law permits on their coming to any other state including Delhi etc. Moreover self-termed human-rights activists supporting such elements should also be dealt with severely to clip their wings. All this will make Mehbooba Mufti to bear nationalist elements like Haseeb Drabu in state and her party.

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