Restore secret voting in Raya Sabha elections to eliminate bulk-bargain of voters by political bosses


It refers to bargains presently going on by big bosses of various political parties to offer surplus votes of their MLAs treated like bonded persons under present totally unethical system of open voting for Rajya Sabha seats. It is but natural that political bosses neither ruling or parties in opposition will ever like to clip their supremacy by restoring secret voting for Rajya Sabha elections to eliminate such bargain-powers rested in their hands. Evidently restoring secret voting may provide such bargains to individual voting MLAs. But it will be always risky because no one can ever know if the individual MLA voter has actually voted for the candidate having bribed him. Open-voting system for these elections has virtually given open licence for sale of MLAs votes by party-bosses which has made Rajya Sabha as a billionaire-club because of ultra-rich persons reaching Rajya Sabha through purchase of party-tickets

Only those not having contested any election in life should be appointed nominated members of Rajya Sabha. Curious case of George Fernandes having been elected Rajya Sabha member despite having lost all his memory (even oath read by another Parliamentarian), even calls for some minimum medical-fitness certificate before allowing contesting elections. Attendance-norms should be tightened so that celebrities nominated in Rajya Sabha may be required to take Rajya Sabha proceedings with full seriousness rather than taking it as an additional feather in their caps.

Considering big drama of Rajya Sabha elections from Haryana, voting should be through EVMs with VVPT provision. However since Legislative Councils (Vidhan Parishads) in states do not serve any fruitful purpose, Constitution should be amended to abolish provision of Legislative Councils in states.

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