Only RTI Act could prevent entry of professional opportunist Naresh Agrawal in BJP: Party should counter opportunism by expelling him after Rajya Sabha elections


It refers to professional political opportunist notorious for frequent change of parties being given entry in ruling BJP along with his MLA son. It is noteworthy that both BJP and RSS spokespersons have been biggest critics of Naresh Agrawal for his ever-controversial statements only till days before his changing side because of SP giving party-ticket for Rajya Sabha elections to noted film-personality Jaya Bachchan who otherwise also known for actively raising social issues in Rajya Sabha unlike other film-personalities like Rekha or Lata Mangeshkar. Now Naresh Agrawal should also comment on another lady film-actress Hema Malini who is already a BJP Parliamentarian in the manner he made highly derogative remarks for Jaya Bachchan. With regular entry of such notorious ones like Sukhram and others, it may not be unlikely that the party may purify dreaded terrorists and underworld-leaders by forcing them to join BJP for getting criminal. cases against them taken back.

It is for certain that entry of notorious persons in ruling BJP could have been effectively checked if the party would have complied with CIC-verdict making BJP and five other political parties under RTI Act. Since it is clear that BJP has accepted Naresh Agrawal as party-member only to get extra votes of some MLAs including of his son for ninth Rajya Sabha seat from UP, party should counter opportunism by expelling him and his son from BJP after Rajya Sabha elections to prevent massive opposition from inside BJP and RSS for converting BJP-river into a BJP-drain through entry of such notorious elements.

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