Encourage world’s number-one game of football to make it most favourite game in India also

Football-fever in the world is over with world-cup final match played at Moscow (Russia) on 15.07.2018 between France and Croatia. Football is most favourite game in the world leaving cricket much behind being placed at number-seven. India once held number-one position in Hockey too, but that also vanished with cricket monopolizing in India with cricketers earning enormously through crores of rupees given annually to individual cricketers by Board for Control of Cricket in India (BCCI) as salary, match-money and award money apart from huge income from other sources like from advertisements.

It is a matter of concern that world’s second largest populated country India with a population of more than 130 crores does not figure anywhere in world’s most favourite game of football, while Croatia with just about with a small population of just about 43 lakhs managed to reach to world-cup final. It is time that a planned craze may be developed in Indians to make football and hockey also their favourite game like Cricket so that India may also one dream of winning world-cup final in football. Playing football is also otherwise is healthy requiring strong bodies and sharp mind unlike cricket which is more or less a game of chance.

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