Disciplining JNU students necessary: Logic of agitation against attendance-norms


It refers to ever-controversial Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) at Delhi once again in news on 15.02.2018 with students making human-chain around the administration-block of the University in violation of order from Delhi High Court. Such an unhumanitarian act made certain officials of the University sick being required to be even hospitalized. Even the demand of the students for removing requirement of compulsory 75-percent attendance-norms for examinations is totally ingenuine. Universities should be for education and not for playing politics. Such an act of students justifies calling police in the campus, which was also criticized by the students. Office-bearers of Students-Union should have availed opportunity to meet the Vice Chancellor on scheduled afternoon of every first Monday of any month without even requiring any appointment.

 Central government should evolve permanent solution to make JNU an ideal institution for education rather becoming a hub for political activities many of which are at times even against national and public interest. Procedure for admission of students and appointment of teachers should be thoroughly overhauled also because even many teachers at JNU are often found in such political activities which are not good for an academic institution. An academic institution run on subsidy through hard-earned money of tax-payers, must be used solely for educational activities rather than being misused for creation of political leaders of a particular ideology.

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