Alliance-politics of supremacy of domuinant alliance-partner: Only dominant leader allowed to wear shoes on dias

Election Commission of India ECI and other concerned bodies should take cognizance of shocking media-reports about strange protocol-rules set up by Bahujan Samaj Party BSP where no other leader can rise to the dias with shoes before BSP supremo who can the only person to sit on the dias wearing shoes. 80-year old RLD Chief had to follow instructions of BSP workers to take off shoes where 63-year old BSP Chief was sitting wearing shoes.

Alliance -partners are free to bear such insult. But constitutional bodies like ECI and others must not overlook such political-discrimination which can even be equated with cast-discrimnation. If reports are true, then action must be taken in larger public-interest to stop such type of political-discrimination even though accepted by alliance-partners.


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