AAP Rajya Sabha members declining salaries for disrupted proceedings.


It refers to all the three members of Rajya Sabha from Aam Admi Party (AAP) writing to the chairperson for cut in their salaries for the days when the upper House could not function due to disruptions. If it is made a rule for both Houses of Parliament, then practically there will be no interruption in Parliamentary proceedings because members will not allow fellow-members to disrupt Parliamentary proceedings to avoid cut in their salaries and allowances.

It is observed that Parliamentarians usually leave after attending proceedings for question hour and zero hour, mainly to mark attendance and to get daily allowances. Even the House at times has to be adjourned for next day because of lack of quorum. System should be to have attendance of Parliamentarians four times a day at entering and leaving the house both before and after lunch-hours. Only half-day salary and daily allowance may be given if a member attends only one of the pre and post lunch sessions.

Several nominated celebrity Rajya Sabha members have been notorious for their avoiding attending Rajya Sabha proceedings. Memberships of such members misusing it as some additional feathers in their caps should be snatched in case they do not fulfil yet-to-be framed minimum attendance norms.

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