A father’s scrutiny to get back his son is what Jogesh Sehdeva’s Narayan is all about

Jogesh Sehdeva’s directorial debut Narayan is a must watch for every Dilliwallah. The cast and the crew were recently in Hotel the park, Delhi for the press conference and connected with the media. It included the lead actor himself Jogesh Sehdeva , Aminder Singh (Fitness Director), Dr. Rajiv Verma (Medical consultant), Rahul Aamath (Actor), Rajesh Dadhwal (Action Director). The Delhi filmmaker Jogesh Sehdeva’s “Narayan” is a unique film to have a tagline “Apni Dilli ki film”. This is because the upcoming is totally based on Delhi, highlighting its hidden true facts and is a Delhi Centric film with the cast, crew, and locations from the capital itself. The lead Jogesh Sehdeva was keen on showing a side of the city fewer people are aware of and are scared to talk about.

The action drama “Narayan” follows a father’s quest from an overweight middle-class man to a ruthless MMA fighter to get back his son from the clutches of greed & crime. The film also showcases the unimaginable extent that he goes to for protecting his family.  Inspired by the hunger in the belly and the spark in Delhi based artists and technicians, Jogesh decided to make this film with a strong message for all common men and made Delhi its protagonist. Jogesh discussed the relevance of the script and said that Narayan is a tale which not much is talked about however prevalent in Delhi and other metros, where family ties are weak and younger generation is inclined towards drugs and intoxicating activities. The film is an amalgamation of the two topics which eventually are interrelated and affecting the youth of our generation and he also said that he have included some first-hand experiences that he have seen around his circle and the set of people he knows about. He has complete confidence on the script that it holds a critical and commercial content.

With a great amount of dedication in a short span of time Jogesh worked hard without the help of chemical or artificial shortcuts because he wanted to keep it real. Strict diet and professional training did the polishing well. Jogesh then shared the difficulties he faced as an independent filmmaker and mentioned that he knew it wouldn’t be a cake walk, and figured there will be a lot of hurdles and number of difficult battles however he has the determination, to begin with, which motivated him towards his goal. The team he chose to work with were professionals, however, weren’t film level professionals who came as a task too, more than playing Narayan and director/producer for the film he has worked for almost every job on the set from a Spot boy to a light man and so on.

The story revolves around Narayan’s son Kabir, is surrounded by friends and peers who seem to have it all like all rich brats. On the other hand, Kabir’s father, Narayan, cannot afford anything beyond a DTC bus ticket for his son. Influenced by his friends living the indulgent lifestyle, Kabir often feels not privileged enough to avail the lavish lifestyle and the standards that they live by. His father is a traditional man, working as a simple security supervisor.  One day Kabir’s friends offer him an opportunity to make the quick buck. Egged on by desperation and greed for a similar lifestyle, the unsuspecting Kabir takes a shortcut to make money and soon finds himself stuck in a big trouble. The doting father, who puts his own life at risk for the sake of his only son is what that, will pinch the heart of the audience. It is a story of a brave father and daring Delhiites. The movie is being released nationwide from the capital itself.

The team is very nervous and excited to see how it turns out and what response we will get in this film as everyone from the director to the technical staff has given their time and sweat for this.” So, Dilliwallas lock the date as the film is slated to release on 3rd November 2017.


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